A little about me

Robert Fairburn I grew up in software development, but I have been a Linux sysadmin for the last 15 years. I have a passion for automation and scripting.

While development might not be my day job, I am familiar with the pains of development – often brought on by admins like myself. It is my goal to make the lives of those I work with easier, be it developer or admin. Hopefully you find the contents here useful, but mostly I just really enjoy sharing what I do.

Currently I am a black belt in Bash-Fu and Awk-Jitsu, but only getting my feet wet in Salt. I would consider myself a Master of Puppet, if for no better reason than a cheap Metallica reference. Other skills include a variety of web serves including Nginx and Apache, database including MySQL and PostgreSQL, and cloud and virtualization including VMware, Openstack/Rackspace, and Amazon AWS – none of which have I been able to come up with cool Ninja names for yet.

You will commonly see me on irc as SheetiS on freenode in the channels #python and #salt among others.

Family is important to me as you might imagine. The newest little Devop Ninja is pictured with me to the left. He and my wife definitely help get me through the inevitable stressful days in my line of work.

Special Thanks

First and foremost, a special thanks to my place of employment, C2FO, for allowing me the opportunity to experiment with most if not all of the technologies discussed in this blog.

Thanks to Jekyll for providing an awesome framework to generate these pages with.

Thanks to Jekyll Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap for making everything easier to implement.

Thanks to Disqus for providing a comment framework so I did not have to make my own.

Thanks to GitHub for providing hosting via GitHub Pages.

Thanks to my wife Sarah for putting up with me through everything.

Finally, thank you for spending some time to read my mad ramblings. I hope you have found it beneficial in some way.