Spacewalk and Other RPMS in Amazon Linux 2015.03

17 Apr 2015

Users of Amazon Linux 2015.03 may have noticed that Amazon updated the system Python version to 2.7. While they still provide fairly decent support for Python 2.6, this change caused several unforeseen headaches when deploying 2015.03 at work – particularly surrounding Spacewalk. Read on to see how I addressed these issues…

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Beyond Grains: Roles with an External Pillar

01 Mar 2015

In SaltStack, managing system roles in grains has a number of limitations. What other solutions are there? This is a follow up to The Grains Conundrum.

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SaltStack: GMP and PyCrypto on Amazon Linux

20 Nov 2014

So you may have noticed recently that Salt (or other Python apps that utilize PyCrypto such as Ansible) has been giving some warnings that look like this when running on Amazon Linux:

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Quick SSH Login to EC2 Hosts

27 Aug 2014

Ever forget the DNS name and the IP of the Amazon EC2 host you were wanting to login to? I know I have. The script below will help with that.

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VPN and DNS with Mac OS X

26 Aug 2014

While I will say that I do not often use a Mac, I was recently given a MacBook Pro as my work system when I started at C2FO. While my requirements for a system are usually pretty low (a terminal, ssh, vim, and a web browser), I quickly found that the Mac DNS resolver did not behave as I would expect, especially when connecting to my office VPN.

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